FISM 2012 Scores & Videos

I imagine that the final FISM 2012 scores have been published for some time, though I just ran into them.  You can find them in a PDF file here.

I’m particularly interested in the Stage categories.  The majority of the contestants have videos of their acts published on YouTube – which allows for some pretty interesting viewing.  By and large, I found I agreed with rankings overall.  Here, for your convenience as well, are the scores with videos (for those that I was able to find).

Legend: Contest Name, Country, FISM PRIZE, SCORE, Video (if available)

Yu Ho-Jin GRAND PRIX STAGE Korea 1st Prize 87 – YouTube Video
Lukas Korea 2nd Prize 83
Kim Hyun Joon Korea 3rd Prize 82 – YouTube Video
Lee Ang Hsuan Taiwan 74 –YouTube Video
Mike Chao Taiwan 73 –YouTube Video
Dion The Netherlands 70 – YouTube Video
Kenris France 69 – YouTube Video
Nestor Hato France 69 –YouTube Video
Jean Paul Olhaberry Chili 67
Felix Spain 65
Hirohi Yamamoto Japan 65
Lumbardini Argentina 64 – YouTube Video
Matteo Cucchi Italy 64
Jojo China 62
Lee Young Woo USA 62 – YouTube Video
Miguel Muñoz Spain 62
Jiang Ya Ping China 61 – YouTube Video
Mantas Latvia 59 – YouTube Video
Chisato Suzuki Japan 59
Paulo Maderal Argentina 59
Florian Sainvet France 59 – YouTube Video
Reuben Moreland USA 54
Valdi Bulgaria BFL

General Magic
Marko Karvo Finland 1st Prize 84 – YouTube Video
Haon Gun Korea 2nd Prize – 82
Les Chapaux Blancs France 2nd Prize 82 – YouTube Video
Ta Na Manga Portugal 3rd Prize 77 – YouTube Video
Lee Hun Korea 76
Ted Kim (Most Original Stage Act) Korea 73
Alana Germany 73 – YouTube Video
Liu Bei China 72
Charlie Mag Spain 68 – YouTube Video
Dolly Kent Argentina 67 – YouTube Video
Xin Ya Fei China 67
Nicky Yang Korea 66
Bond Lee Hong Kong 66 – YouTube Video
Luca Bono Italy 64 – YouTube Video, YouTube Video
Oe Tsuyoshi Japan 64
Jakob Germany 64
Brynolf & Ljung
Pablo Lambertini Argentina 64 – YouTube Video
Dai Kobayashi
Max Guito France 62 – YouTube Video
Chipin Huang
Sunny Chen
Do Ki Moon Korea 62 – YouTube video
Huang Po Han
Jason Ladin
Xavier Tapias Switzerland 61 – YouTube video

Prince of Illusions The Netherlands 1st Prize 86 – YouTube video
Cubic Act France 2nd Prize 75 – YouTube video
Guy Barrett England 3rd Prize 67 – YouTube video
Flick-Flack Modern Magic Germany 63 – YouTube video


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