Monster’s Inc. Ride

I thought I would continue with the last posts’ Disneyland theme.  While The Haunted Mansion is a bit too obvious of a magic tie-in, there are other bits of video-reflected Pepper’s Ghosts hidden in the Sleeping Beauty’s Disneyland Castle Walkthru, in Finding Nemo Submarine Voyage, and others.

However my pick for best use is hidden in the middle of the Monster’s Inc ride.

See 1:30 in this video

Alternate footage here – jump to 2:10

Or quickly in HD at 1:47 here:

Here the restricted viewing angle (and even symmetric periphery) is perfectly justified by its placement within a shower room scene. The setup is almost a “Blue Room” arrangement, though the effect is definitely Pepper’s Ghost.  Equally, it’s disappearance perfectly motivated by the chameleon character being, well, a chameleon.