Disneyland Magic Shop windows

Houdini Magic's
Disneyland magic shopI recently revisited the
Disneyland Magic Shop in California and snapped some photos of the
gorgeous window display that Houdini
has erected. Ostensibly an exploded view of
Houdini’s traveling trunk – the focus is on Houdini memorabilia.
However, conjuring books comprise a good portion of the
display.  You can spot copies of titles such as:

  • Jasper
    White Magic: The Story
    of the Maskelyne’s
  • Hoffmann’s
  • Houdini’s Book of
    Magic and Party Pastimes
  • Hopkins’
    Magic: Stage Illusions
    & Scientific Diversions including Trick
  • Henry
    Ridgely Evans’
    The Spirit World

Other nice touches I

  • A
    handkerchief, tied and awaiting performance of The Dancing
  • A
    hidden mickey subtly created
    from an Ace of Clubs
  • One
    volume eponymously titled “Munari” after store owner (and likely
    display designer) Geno Munari 

The Orange County Register included a brief history of
the Disneyland magic shop in this
article written shortly before Houdini Magic Shop’s

Magic shops have a long
tradition in Disneyland. The first one — Merlin’s Magic Shop —
opened near the Sleeping Beauty Castle on the park’s first day
in 1955. The Main Street Magic Shop opened two years later. After
Merlin’s closed in 1983, the Main Street location remained. Actor
Steve Martin got his start at Merlin’s and briefly worked at the
Main Street shop. While Disneyland has run the Main Street shop
since 1965, it was previously run by an outside operator. Houdini’s
was selected because of its strong reputation and the fact that it
holds rights to key magic tricks, said David Gill, a Disneyland
spokesman. Plus, Houdini’s will employ certified magicians to do
tricks for guests inside the shop.

article with additional photos can be found here.
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