Sid Lorraine Bookplate

Sid Lorraine's Bookplate

Sid Lorraine’s bookplate in my (dustjacketless) copy of

  • Lewis, Eric. C. Opus Thirteen. Goodliffe:Birmingham. 1951. 110 pp. Cover | Full Title

As book reviewer for TOPS & New TOPS magazines, Sid (Sidney Richard Johnson) had opportunity to review this very book.

From Goodliffe The Magician comes “Opus Thirteen” by Eric Lewis, a bound book of miscellaneous Magic that runs to 110 pages.

As the title indicates, this is the thirteenth work of author Lewis and if you like his type of trickery, you’ll find this to your liking. There is a great variety of Magic in this work and if you are the apparatus type, you’ll find a lot to make you happy.

There are novel tricks and gadgets, card tricks and stuff for the kiddies. We can’t possibly cover every effect but we’d like to mention a few of the things that appealed to us: The balls, the hat and the net. This starts out like the usual one where the little balls travel from the hand to the hat but what a finish! A cocoanut appears under the hat and it is presented to the helper . . . An electric heater that vanishes . . wow! . . . A color changing table that should make a hit with any act .. . and lots more . . . some two dozen items in all. Ingenious, unusual and entertaining. What more can you ask of a magical author?

In our estimation a very good buy at $2.75.

—Sid Lorraine

“Sid Lorraine’s Chatter” in TOPS: The Magazine of Magic. Vol 17, No. 1 / January 1952. P. 18.

A few year’s earlier, he reviewed Open Sesame – another of Eric’s books. Of that he wrote:

This, in my opinion, is one of the best books I’ve read in years! I read it through in one sitting . . . I just couldn’t leave it. There is more common sense in this book, more practical Magic, more real entertainment than you can find in dozens of other books published in the last few years. I have read the other books devoted to this subject and to my mind OPEN SESAME is so far ahead of them, there’s no comparison. If you entertain children, you’ll obtain a hundred dollars’ worth of information from this book.

—Sid Lorraine

“Sid Lorraine’s Chatter” in TOPS: The Magazine of Magic. Vol 12, No. 12 / December 1947. P. 5.

Sid Lorraine was also a contributor to one of Eric Lewis’ mimeographed “books” The Magic of 1936.

Finally, here is a warm letter to the editor of Lewis returning the compliments to Sid:

The October issue, which I received yesterday, was a delight, and I read it from cover to cover—something

I rarely do with a magic magazine. It was so nice to see Sid Lorraine featured. I knew him well personally and he is worth all the respect that you gave.



Snowden, Alan, ed. The Magic Circular. Vol. 77, No. 833 / March 1983. P. 66.

See also Sid’s entry on MagicPedia and at Magicana.


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