Crayola & Hopkins

I took the kids to The Crayola Factory in Pennsylvania month ago, a for-profit blend of Crayola advertising, factory tour, and kids museum. I was surprised to find a seemingly out-of-place behind magic installation built into a divider in their Activity Studio.

Compare to page 86 & 87 of

Hopkins, Albert A[llis]. Magic: Stage Illusions and Scientific Diversions including Trick Photography. New York: Blom. 1967. 556  pp. Cover | Full Title | Google Books

Hopkins p. 86 & 87

Hopkins p. 86 & 87

It didn’t seem to work too well.  Lots of kids gave up turning the dial after no results.  After playing with it for a bit, I was able to suddenly see the lizard reveal, though not in the slow “morph” manner described in the instructions beneath.  My suspicion is that the unknowing maintenance staff replaced a dimmable bulb with a compact flourescent – the bulb simply going from off to on, instead of the slow dimming originally designed.

Of course, the most famous version of “The Platinized Glass” is the “The Hitchiking Ghost” in Disney’s Haunted Mansion.  If you missed it last year, be sure to check out last year’s ride revamp at Inside the Magic.


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