Bookplate – Milbourne Christopher

Following on yesterday’s post regarding the upcoming Milbourne Christopher auction:

Bookplate of Milbourne Christopher

In my copy of

  • Parrish, Robert. New Ways to Mystify: A Guide to the Art of Magic. New York: Bernard Ackerman. 1945. 124 pp. Cover | Full Title

Listed as:

2277 • PARRISH, ROBERT. New Ways To Mystify A Guide to the Art of Magic. Illustrations by Doris Holly Peters. 124 pages. Large 12mo, wine cloth in white-lettered green jacket.

New York: Bernard Ackerman Inc., 1945

Five copies, one without jacket.

in the library catalogue

  • Christopher, Maureen Brooks and Hansen, George P. The Milbourne Christopher Library: Magic, Mind Reading, Psychic Research, Spirtualism and the Occult, 1901-1996. Pasadena: Mike Caveney’s Magic Words. 1998. 339 pp. Cover | Full Title

His bookplate also masts atop the introduction of both volumes.

Mine would be the “one without jacket.”

New Ways to Mystify is an average-like-you-might-expect volume for the general public on magic, but contains one notable section: an entire chapter devoted to tricks which can be performed while confined to a bed!  Including one clever ball vanish, in which the bed-bound performer make an impromptu servante out of his or her bedsheet.


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