Broken Wand – Dr. Robert J. Albo, MD

Classic Magic Series Box Cover“Magiphile” reported in the Genii forum today of the passing of Robert Albo.

He leaves behind a phenomenal legacy of literary output, in the way of 11 Volumes of the “Classic Magic Series”, The Ultimate Okito & Addendum, and the just-published The Ultimate Thayer.

Dr. Robert J. Albo graced the cover of this month’s The Linking Ring magazine (Vol. 91, #2; Feb 2011). A short profile by Byron Walker left us with this tantalizing tidbit:

Currently in production is Dr. Albo’s final tribute to Okito, Okito Encores. This is expected this year. When asked if there is anything else planned, he replied, “Well, there is one more subject that needs covering.”

I’m sure Dr. Albo will keep us posted.

His previous tomes on the subject of Okito include:

  • ALBO, Robert J., LEWIS, Eric C., and BAMBERG, David.  The Oriental Magic of the Bambergs.  San Francisco: San Francisco Book Company.  1973.  229 pages.  Limited edition of 1,000 copies. Cover | Full Title
  • ALBO, Robert J. The Ultimate Okito.  Piedmont: Doug Pearson. 2007. 162 pp.  Limited edition of 400 copies.  2 Volumes in slipcase: 1 Book and 1 foldout containing 8 DVD’s. Cover | Full Title
  • ALBO, Robert J. The Ultimate Okito Addendum. Piedmont: Doug Pearson. 2008. 118 pp. Limited edition of 400 copies. With 1 DVD. Cover | Full Title

As for that “one more subject”…we may never know.  However, I was secretly hoping answer lied in the questionnaire which accompanied The Ultimate Okito:

The Ultimate Okito Insert

One other possibility…the foreward to Volume 11, Laboratories of Legerdemain, Albo wrote:  “Lastly, a novel will be forthcoming with magic as its theme.”

  • ALBO, Robert J. Laboratories of Legerdemain. N.p : N.P. 2005. 486 pp.  with DVD. Limited edition of 300 copies. Cover | Full Title

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